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Over the course of almost four decades of teaching History in  both high school and college, and in the course of earning three master's degrees and two doctorates, I have come across hundreds of true stories that have fascinated me and, by extension, fascinated my students as well. Most of these anecdotes are amusing; some are horrifying; some are just unusual; buit they are all interesting to anyone with a love of History.

How many of the following questions can you answer?

-Where on Long Island, New York, did the Hitler family eventually settle?

-Whose epitaph reads, "Hanged by mistake. We're sorry"?

-Which US presidents died.within hours of each other on the fiftieth anniversay of the Declaration of Independence?

-Who in reality was Liitle Jack Horner, and what was the plumb in his pie?

-Which European dictator's granddaughter was a Playboy centerfold?

-Who went into self-imposed exile because he farted while bowing to the Queen of England?

-Whose dying words were, "Either that wallpaper goes, or I do"?

-Which Australian prime minister drowned in the ocean, and then had a municipal swimming pool named after him?

-Which American president wrestled a cougar to the ground and then, armed only with a hunting knife, stabbed it to death?

-In "passing the buck" and "the buck stops here," what on earth is the buck?

-How did an untimely need to urinate lead to the establishment of dictatorship in Austria?

-What girl was dumped by Napoleon, but then ended up Queen of Sweden?

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Don't pass up this opportunity to find out who said, "Any study of the American presidency from Washington to Grant disproves the theory of evolution."

Don't pass up this opportunity to find out who said, "The government of the United States was designed by geniuses to be run  by idiots."

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